Drinks Machine Drinks Machine

Our freestanding hot drinks machines are ideal for frequent use, delivering comforting hot beverages quickly and effortlessly at the push of a button. Quality and choice are paramount – we guarantee our machines offer both, each and every time.

Our automatic machines offer an extensive menu of beverages – up to 15 primary drink selections including fresh brew tea, bean-to-cup coffee, hot chocloate and cappacino.

Our fully automated hot drinks vending machines are what you need for a 24/7 busy and demanding environment.

That’s why we always try to keep our equipment working smoothly we attend breakdowns as soon as they are reported and keep them stocked with the products wanted by our customers at the right price.

Drinks Machine


High quality drinks for the office & workplace



Unrivalled drinks quality and choice!



Made for an high volume catering operations



Small and Attractive coffee machine



The Vitro S range offers a high quality standard coffee shop style drink menu on a single touch. The range is identified mainly for its quick service delivery and ample coffee brewing technologies.



The Vitro X range brings to the customer an authentic espresso coffee with the possibility to further improve the menu with freshly brewed leaf tea based drinks. The machine outstanding design has been developed to simplified the use and enhance the consumer experience. The RGB mood lighting can be adapted to any environment whilst attracting the customer attention.



The Vitro M range is the golden machine. The range has been developed to please consumer needs and to deliver a sensory experience. The elegant design of Vitro and its intelligent lighting system are a joy for the sight, the smooth and cold feeling of the glass when selecting the drink delights the touch, the the coffee grinder when running evokes the sounds of any coffee shop. To fully complete the experience the taste and smell are indulged with the freshly prepared fresh milk and espresso based drinks.


laRhea BL eC

This machine epitomizes where hi-tech meets Italian style.  This table top machines, fits perfectly into any professional setting, it’s slim, compact & seductive.
The machine holds 3 canisters for products, plus water for tea in the espresso version.


laRhea V+ eC

Slim, compact, seductive 3 canisters for products, plus water for tea. Also available in instant version.


laRhea Grande

Our best seller!
Hybrid technology with the Xtra canister for personalized products like Fairtrade Instant or lactose-free powdered milk. Also available in instant version.


laRhea V+ Grande Premium

The magic touch
7” all-glass touch screen for an elegant, latest-generation interface, along with a visible hopper for coffee beans on top.


laRhea V+ Grande Premium 2

All the advantages of the grande premium with the addition of a transparent hopper that holds two different types of beans.