laRhea BL eC

The laRhea Business line is the latest offering in table top coffee machines in the market, boasting heightened performance and a sleek new design that fits into the most elegant of settings.   With the variflex® brewing technology installed as standard in all models, it produces remarkably light and delicious Italian specialities like expresso, cappuccino, and latte macchiato, or international styles like American coffee and café crème.

To add to this machine’s sleek appearance, a transparent coffee bean hopper is included in the design, like an open invitation to enjoy freshly-ground coffee, making this a truly profession-quality machine.

Product Features:

  • Touch interface; making the machine more fun and inviting to use and provides a touch of contemporary elegance.
  • Design: with the perfect aesthetic balance – beautiful to look at, easy to use with crisp graphics and seductive LED backlighting.
  • variflex®:  this specific brewing technology includes an adjustable brewer featuring an infusion chamber that adapts to the quantity of ground coffee required by the end user’s drink selection.  Therefore, making the optimal use of the dose.
  • Instant: All models in this range can be configured to dispense instant drinks made with powdered coffee, which is beneficial as it speeds up the coffee-making process and simplifies cleaning.
  • One machine, more than coffee: With our new Cool machines, which dispense cold filtered water and rinks made with syrups or powders.  By offering customers a refreshing alternative to coffee, you double your business while helping people feel their best.
  • Contained costs:  Thanks to variflex® and traditional boiler technology. The Business Line represents a convenient solution that responds to customer needs.  All machines are available with a cup station moulded in black for easy cleaning.
  • Specialities: Due to the unique brewer technology built into this machine, you can offer a range of international coffee specialities. From Italian espresso to a long to-go coffee, fresh ground or instant, regular or decaf, premium or standard with fresh or powdered milk, with or without lactose and any combination thereof.  Its completely bespoke to your requirements.
  • Milk topping and fresh milk:  Powdered milk, the most economical option, surprises even baristas and coffee connoisseurs with its creaminess and full flavour.    But now there’s the possibility, thanks to the cappuccino milk frothing unit, to have fresh milk steamed to creamy perfection.  Teamed with an automated 3-stage sanitizing program makes cleaning as easy as pressing a button.
laRhea BL eC


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