Made for an high volume catering operations

The Excel Range by Coffetek, has been designed to deliver fast, high volume services for pots.

Capable of filling one or two coffee jugs and one hot water jug simultaneously it is the perfect machine for a hotels, conferences and Stadia.

High productivity, perfect for catering operations.

The Excel range is prepared for high capacity catering operations. It is capable of filling two jugs of coffee and one hot water jug simultaneously.

The Excel model allows you to prepare a litre of coffee within 15 seconds and 20 seconds for the Mini-Excel model.

Flexible and easy to maintain

Modular construction with direct access to key components and a durable cabinet made of stainless steal which is easy to clean and to maintain.

  • Self-cleaning service.
  • Easy and intuitive programming
  • Configurable to work at 3, 6, 9 & 18 Kw
  • Data output via display or specific tools.

Stylish and sturdy cabinet made for high capacity operations.

Robust cabinet made of stainless steel, easy to clean and simple to fill.

Up to 3 selection keypads: cup, half a jug, full jug, continuous service and hot water.

The removable cup stand permits the use of cups in selfservice mode.



High quality drinks for the office & workplace



Unrivalled drinks quality and choice!



Made for an high volume catering operations

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