laRhea V+ eC

The secret of top quality coffee

Our engineers have succeeded in reproducing the secret formula of the coffee served by Milan’s legendary baristas with state-of-the-art laRhea variplus technology. With just one machine, customers can choose between Italian specialties like classic espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato, or other styles like American ‘to-go’ coffee and café crèm.

The laRhea brand combines 50+ years of manufacturing know-how with the culture of Italian coffee and the style of Milan. laRhea‘s variplus coffee machines translate the precision and consistency of a professional Italian barista into fully automated coffee preparation, as reliable in performance as in flavor.

With laRhea / machine per caffè Milano, you can enjoy remarkably light and delicious coffee specialties, just like those served in Milan’s coffee bars. With our award-winning variplus technology, a full menu of coffee specialties is just a touch away.

laRhea V+ eC


High quality drinks for the office & workplace



Unrivalled drinks quality and choice!



Made for an high volume catering operations

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