laRhea Grande

With laRhea, you can enjoy remarkably light and delicious coffee specialties, just like those served in Milan’s coffee bars. With our award-winning variplus technology, a full menu of coffee specialties is just a touch away.

In the office:

Early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Always ready to be of service. A simple touch lets your customers, guests or employees choose their favorite drink. With variplus, going to the office becomes a pleasure.

In restaurants:

By moving from professional to semi-automatic machines, you can serve restaurant-quality beverages. All your staff will be able to make drinks exactly according to the customer’s request and satisfaction.


Whether it’s a breakfast buffet, a cafeteria or a convenience store, quick and easy operation means customers can enjoy their drink of choice within seconds. What’s more, the clear touch technology makes customers actually want to interact with the machines.

Create your own personal coffee bar, where every option is a feast for the eyes!
The color composition of laRhea variplus machines can be personalized according to your preferences, or to match the decor of its location - now even more flexible with our new Wood Grain option. The choice is entirely yours!
The enticing aroma of a freshly ground espresso, the creamy flavor of a cappuccino or the inviting look of a three-layer latte macchiato. laRhea coffee machines delight the senses with a simple touch. Traditional drinks that can also be made into original recipes coupled with elegant design complete the picture.

The secret of top quality coffee

Our engineers have succeeded in reproducing the secret formula of the coffee served by Milan’s legendary baristas with state-of-the-art laRhea variplus technology. With just one machine, customers can choose between Italian specialties like classic espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato, or other styles like American ‘to-go’ coffee and café crème.

Variplus Technology:

Variplus, which gives the new line its name, is a suite of three integrated technologies designed to coordinate and calibrate the many variables in coffee production – brew pressure, coffee quantity, water temperature, granulometry and extraction.  In a real Italian coffee bar, there’s a trained professional who regulates these factors, fine-tuning them with the expertise that comes with years of experience. The big challenge in automated coffee service has always been reproducing that expertise mechanically, and we’re proud to say that variplus comes as close as any coffee machine ever has. The variplus line is the latest evolution of Rheavendors’ philosophy of flexibility. As our clientele has always been international, we integrate versatile technologies to adapt to local market preferences.


The optional service system enables you to have any malfunction or error message immediately checked online by your service partner. Since your machine is connected online around the clock, your service partner can promptly provide a new set up or modify your dosing values (drink menu) without having to reach you on site. tm-on is a truly ingenious remote maintenance system, designed to make your life easier.
The sturdy and attractive Uni-Base gives laRhea the additional feature of spatial economy. All models can be accommodated on the Uni-Base. There’s also the option of a shelf on top, which makes it possible to place modul on accessories closer to the machine. The Uni-Base provides ample room for coffee, cups and accessories.

laRhea Grande


High quality drinks for the office & workplace



Unrivalled drinks quality and choice!



Made for an high volume catering operations

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