Snack / Food Machines Snack / Food Machines

Easy Vend can provide a wide variety of snack machines to include healthy option vending machines for schools, some examples are shown on this page.

Easy Vend will

  • Have the snack vending machine installed for you
  • Keep the snack machine fully stocked with products you want
  • Take care of all service and maintenance issues
  • Ensure you benefit from a free and convenient snack vending machine for yourself, your employees and your customers.

Easy Vend can place snack machines with a variety of most major national brands as well as local vending products.

Easy Vend makes money from sales from the machines so if the machines are not fully working or they are not stocked or clean regularly we don’t earn any money, simple as that.

Snack / Food Machines

Merchant® MEDIA Touch

The Merchant MEDIA Touch provides the ultimate vending experience, offering industry leading technology to help drive sales and consumer satisfaction.


Merchant® MEDIA Ambient

Merchant MEDIA Ambient provides the ultimate vending experience without refrigeration, combining all the features of Merchant MEDIA range but offering higher capacity, lower maintenance, less service calls and the lowest energy consumption between all snacks vending machine in the market. 



Flexible and prepared to vend all kind of product



A breath of fresh air