Water Coolers Water Coolers

Offering your workforce access to a water dispenser is such a simple but effective way to improve morale in the workplace.  Keeping well hydrated is essential in keeping focussed on the job in hand.  It is also worth considering, that it is now in fact a legal requirement in the UK to provide your staff with easily accessible drinking water.

Easy Vend can help you hire a water cooler to ensure you and your staff can enjoy ice cold drinking water on demand.  We can offer a variety of water cooler machines, whether you need the solution for the office kitchen, or a dispenser tap in a hall way location.  Easy Vend can supply a water cooler to plumb straight in to the mains or supply refill water containers on demand. 

Compare our range of water dispensers below and find the best water cooler rental solution for your workplace. We can supply and advise on the best water cooler to fit your needs; and our water dispensers compliment a coffee machine or snack vending machine perfectly. 
Water Coolers


The tallest dispense height of any cooler in its class



A classic water cooler dispenser



First choice for education and healthcare



High-end, streamlined design