The 24/7 Coffee Shop Solution from Crane!

Bring the high street coffee shop experience to your location.

Voce MEDIA is a free standing coffee vending machine that offers an extensive range of quality coffee shop style beverages at the touch of a button.

High street quality and choice... reliably delivered.

Quality Coffee Shop beverages at the Touch of a Button!

What's inside counts! Voce MEDIA is built upon the innovative and class-leading hot drink platforms from Crane.

Espresso models incorporate the proven Co-Ex brewer, producing barista style quality espresso based drinks from freshly ground beans.

Freshbrew coffee and tea models use Crane's patented Oltre brewer, designed to optimise extraction to produce the highest quality coffee and tea beverages.

A new Consumer Experience

Voce MEDIA transforms the consumer experience with a new touch sensor user interface, providing quality, choice and satisfaction.

  • Attract more users with the new high definition colour user interface
  • Voce MEDIA's touch sensor menu offers the widest and most flexible choice of hot and cold drinks, delivering up to 32 high quality selections
  • SureVend sensors detect that there is a cup in the vend area ensuring you get your drink or your money back!
  • The MyCode feature makes it even easier to select your favourite drink by entering a unique 4 digit code.

Built-In Durability & Reliability

What's inside counts! Voce MEDIA is built upon the class-leading and highly reliable hot drinks platform from Crane, ensuring your coffee shop solution is open around the clock.

  • Freshbrew models have the Crane Oltre brewer inside, ensuring industry leading reliability and simplicity, tested to over 4 million vends
  • With up to 800 cup capacity, the Crane cup drop unit leads the way in cup drop reliability, tested to over 3 million vends
  • Voce Media is produced with 40% recycled material and is 82% recyclable at end of life
  • Class leading energy efficiency with EVA EMP A+ and A ratings
  • Voce MEDIA uses up to 41% less energy in saving mode

Designed to Complement any Environment!

Your machine, your drink, your way!

  • Attract customers with the inviting 'Love Coffee' graphics and enticing screen content to create a coffee shop ambiance at your location
  • Upload your own high definition images via USB to promote your products, brands, company or location. It's a great way to communicate. educate and personalise your Voce MEDIA
  • In addition, you can customise the vending machine with your own graphics
  • Voce MEDIA offers unlimited menu flexibility, tailor the menu to your location for unrivaled browsing and choice or keep it simple - at some locations, less is more!

ICON by Crane

The newest Premium Coffee Shop Solution from Crane!



The 24/7 Coffee Shop Solution from Crane!


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