Necta Opera

Opera is a concentrate of technology embracing the best performances currently available for the intermediate range of the free standing market offering a wide choice and optimum drink quality.  Opera is the winning solution for bigger margins and the conquest of new clients.
Opera is available in the versions: Espresso and Double Espresso, Instant and Freshbrew.

Product Features: 

Top technologies for perfect drinks

  • Wide choice of drinks thanks to a great number of modular product canisters.
  • The Z4000 coffee unit available in both single and double espresso versions grants perfect espressos.
  • Opera is fit with a single stainless steel boiler with 500 cc capacity.

Design and user interface

  • Elegant black and silver aesthetics with two wide and eye cathching panels lit by LEDs on front door.
  • Capacitive selection panel with 20 LED backlit selection buttons with blinking visual feedback after selection and during drink preparation.
  • Precious chromium-plated frame around the selection area.


  • Reliable electronics.
  • Open system for statistics transmission and collection in compliance with EVA DTS protocol. Implementation of enhanced MDB with new functionalities: multiple price lists, user group, single-vend/multi-vend, cash sale.
  • PC configuration of the machine set-up through management software GIGA.


Necta Opera

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