Necta Canto P

Specifically designed for public places, Canto P is the newest vending machine in the Canto range having been purposefully designed to withstand acts of vandalism. With countless enhanced security features such as the reinforced door, metal grid cup station, vandal proof metal coin insert and change return area amongst others, the protection offered by Canto P is second to none.
As well as serving high quality drinks as standard, this machine has also been designed to be banked with the Rock to offer a complete and secure food and drinks service and can be situated in a wider variety of locations due to its enhanced security features.

Product Features: 

Patented technologies with great security

  • Z4000 coffee unit and Freemix instant technology.
  • Wide, customizable drinks menu.
  • Three types of modular canisters for instant products

Sturdy design against vandalism

  • This model has been designed to resist to acts of vandalism: metallic details such as coin introduction and numeric keypad make the user interface very secure.
  • The whole cabinet has been reinforced with metal but it keeps its original elegance thanks to fascinating front panels.


Necta Canto P

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