Robust contemporary free standing machine

The Java beverage machine provides coffee shop quality beverages, the direct selection panel allows users to easily select their favourite drink.

Contemporary Style

Finished in contemporary styling with jet black paint finish and warm espresso panelling.

JAVA’s direct selection keypad system is easy and intuitive. It also incorporates a large LCD screen and positive feel keypad.

Coffee shop quality beverages

The Java drink menu provides a full coffee shop style menu, anything from sophisticated continental coffee blends to fresh leaf tea and indulgent hot chocolate.
A Jug facility is also available to prepare a rannge of hot beverages for those all important meetings.

Enviromentally friendly

Coffetek’s energy saving mode allows you to save up to 30% of your power consumption. Consuming just 86 WH per litre.

90% of the materials are recycable at the end of the machine’s life, the brewing system is paperless which means less waste.

The Cup Sensor allows the user to place their own cup, reducing the use of paper and plastic cups.

Inherent reliability

Java has a high capicity cup system which is prepared to dispense plastic or paper cups.

The I-Detect system guarantee´s a vend and the sensor automatically detects the cup either if it is dispensed or it is placed by the user.


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