BevMAX 4

The large illuminated glass front of the BevMAX 4, lit by long-life, low energy LED lighting provides consumers with a clear, unobstructed view of all products available, allowing maximum salves impact.

The BevMAX 4 has a self-contained modular refrigeration deck, offering improved performance. This fridge deck can be removed easily from both the back and front of the machine.

BevMAX 4 Options

The BevMAX 4 comes in two sizes to suit multiple location types.

35 Selection Model
  • Standard 5 trays
  • 35 Products
  • Capacity of 315 items
45 Selection Model
  • Standard of 5 trays
  • 45 Products
  • Capacity of 405 items

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The BevMAX 4 is one of the most energy efficient vending machines on the market. It exceeds the tier 2 Energy Star requirements by over 30% and has achieved an EVA EMP rating of A++.

Better for the environment, better for your energy consumption.

BevMAX 4

BevMaxâ„¢ MEDIA Touch

The BevMax MEDIA Touch provides the ultimate cold drink vending experience, offering industry leading technology to help drive sales and consumer satisfaction.


BevMAX Classic

The BevMAX Classic is a durable and reliable vending machine. The machine is available with up to 45 selections.



Reliability, durability and security, the keys to Palma B

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