Starfood is a food vending machine, which maximises the internal space available, by accommodating between 8 to 10 drums - each with a diameter of 700mm. The flexible interior is enhanced by the adjustable temperature settings, which can be programmed (between 3-12) to suit the products to be vended. With additional features, such as a slide in refrigeration unit and advanced electronics, the Starfood is a truly unique vending machine, responding to every requirement for the correct dispensing of food products.

  • Direct selection push buttons service
  • Either 8, 9 or 10 drum models available
  • Independent drums with a diameter of 700mm (sector depth 280mm)
  • FIFO or shopper mode
  • 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 compartments per drum
  • Automatic sliders
  • Electronic price display
  • Empty sectors control check for tampering
  • Slide in cooling unit
  • Round shapes and back-lit photographic panel
  • Standard temperature of 3 (can be increased to 12)
  • Control system blocks the machine if the temperature is not within safety zone
Product Specification

Model 35 select
Height: 1830 mm Width: 850 mm Depth: 900 mm